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As i promised with my Rainbutt vector, i would make a NSFW edit with it and here it is.  
Fun Fact: This was actually done before my Sci-Twi one, but laziness and bad memory happened guys…
Vectored from “Sock it to me”, Equestria Girls, Season 2.  
Program used: Inkscape.
suggestive170218 alternate version66548 artist:alandssparkle238 rainbow dash257196 equestria girls230849 equestria girls series38331 sock it to me290 spoiler:choose your own ending (season 2)1394 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)16202 absurd resolution70709 ass66359 breasts336081 busty rainbow dash9766 butt171161 clothes549747 female1579645 looking at you212382 looking back72386 looking back at you22364 rainbutt dash4986 sexy36737 simple background490611 solo1246221 sports bra4243 sports panties604 stupid sexy rainbow dash4039 transparent background243240 vector83440


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Background Pony #C219
This one looks a bit less creepy and a bit more friendly than the original vector. Rainbow’s eyes are less dilated and her smile is smaller.