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safe1767208 artist:starmaster71 oc720512 oc only470521 oc:littlepip4218 pony1027115 unicorn349420 fallout equestria17736 alcohol7562 annoyed5649 blank stare119 booze158 bored1496 brown mane689 clothes481665 ear fluff32108 empty eyes581 eye clipping through hair6669 eyebrows7207 eyebrows visible through hair3584 eyelashes13061 fanfic10608 fanfic art15066 featured image917 female1416343 glass4888 glowing horn20887 gray coat304 green eyes4796 hoof on cheek334 hooves18400 horn80319 levitation12742 looking at something2764 magic76234 magic aura4776 mare509689 no pupils4273 pipbuck3643 shot glass154 signature27520 solo1106519 sparkles4887 spilled drink161 stare1404 supporting head17 table9605 telekinesis29117 three quarter view1671 unicorn oc11633 vault suit3667


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Beta Upgrade

@Regal Inkwell  
this is probly meant to be the scene in new apploosa where shes drinking her troubles away after recovering from calamity filling her full of holes and then realizing just how badly she fucked up leaving the vault…granted its supposed to be apple whiskey but…eh…
Beta Upgrade

@☬ lincolnbrewsterfan ☬  
the irony is that ‘technicly’ isnt little pip…or at least it wasnt originaly, the story actualy never says what lil pip looks like beyond ‘unicorn’, ‘pip buck cutie mark’ and ‘smaler then average’ a fan of the story created this image and it became so popular that Kkat finaly just roled with it and said this is what she looks like  
but the truth is she was meant to be a pony anon, you were spose to project what you wanted onto her
well not this SPECIFIC image but the first instance of lil pip looking this way
Beta Upgrade

as smithers said, several spirits that are otherwise clear will turn milky when water is added, this is called ‘clouding’ i think and is a feature in several mixed drinks, and the proper preperation for the green fairy (absinthe) which is prepaired by first mixing in some sugar (in some cases heated on a spoon first though this is purely pagentry as it does nothing to the drinks flavor, then the water is added….you can drink absinth straight but its flavor is often overpowering in that state makeing it very hard to drink