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Artist's comment:
Happy July the 4th for all muricans who love freedom, guns, fireworks, apple pies, constitutions, and many other things that make the United States of America.
Your country still looks great in many ways in comparison with others!
suggestive135378 artist:pananovich624 oc643531 oc only427089 oc:flourish glade127 bat pony46353 anthro245910 4th of july359 american flag bikini97 american independence day305 ar15272 armalite ar-151 armalite rifle1 ass45824 bat pony oc15731 bat wings8337 big breasts76080 bikini17110 bill of rights1 breasts261128 butt47034 clothes435963 ear piercing24026 earring19575 erect nipples9640 fangs23457 female1305799 food66029 gun15371 holiday19017 jewelry57259 lidded eyes28912 lip bite11014 looking at you156902 looking back53417 mare450100 open mouth133580 pie3170 piercing38134 rifle3597 smiling230449 solo1020561 solo female174079 speech bubble21710 swimsuit26760 weapon29061 wings93231


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Bespectacled Birbcat
Indeed! There's a reason why so many people are trying to move to America and not away from it, you know.

It really isn't that bad here, as much as countries in the British Empire / Commonwealth of Nations (i.e; those that recognize and submit to the authority of the British Crown) meme about it. The quality of life here is higher than many other countries.