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safe1585873 artist:jebens1129 applejack159887 fluttershy199269 pinkie pie204420 rainbow dash220595 rarity170677 sci-twi22310 sunset shimmer58153 twilight sparkle284390 equestria girls181682 bass drum11 bass guitar504 broken drum1 drum pedal1 drums891 electric guitar860 guitar4382 humane five2839 humane seven2151 humane six2719 keytar313 microphone4511 musical instrument7018 nervous5095 playing different instruments1 singing5884 smiling217694 tambourine426 traditional art110425


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4 comments posted
Background Pony #D378
Here's what's wrong:

Applejack has Sunset's guitar
Fluttershy has Rainbow's guitar
Pinkie has Fluttershy's tambourine
Rainbow has Twilight's microphone
Rarity has Pinkie's drums
Sunset has Applejack's bass
Twilight has Rarity's keytar
Background Pony #B4B8
Since Rainbow is lead vocalist of The Rainbooms. I wouldn't mind if she would sing more.