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Trains. Once upon a time Starlight Glimmer had honestly loved travel by train. Compared to walking or even teleporting it was a nice way for the young pony to decompress, to enjoy something akin to forced down time. A way to excuse her otherwise overactive mind into shut off and actually sneak a few moments of enjoyment out of life.

That was sure as hell over.

Everything in her ached. The plush cushion seemed to have long since given way to the hard wood under it. Her phone refused to charge with the likely busted USBs stuck on the table and her poor overly sensitive stomach now screamed with each lurching bump.

Starlight tossed a glance up from the corner of her eye to see Sunburst plodding his way up to the seat beside her. The handsome young stallion ran a hand though his headfur and offered one of the three mushroom Rubins he somehow managed to juggle in the other up to Starlight.

“Yeah, no.” The young mare muttered. “Just, all the no. Please. Not right now.”

“Eager to get home, huh?” Sunburst laughed “Here I seem to remember you just one month ago insisting you could use your magic to make a portal and get us all there faster.”

Starlight rolled her eyes and took one of the sandwiches pushing it off to the side as Sunburst nestled in beside her. The man still in the same baggy cargo pants and T shirt he’d had since they landed back in Fillydelphia. “I could have, and next time I will. If I wasn’t so sure I’d mess the spell up and wind up in the everfree forest I’d do it right now just to get back and into a hot bath faster.”

` The Stallion smirked to himself and peeled the wrapper off of the first sandwich. His eyes cocked to look over the huddled mass Starlight had become. “Oh yes, Princess.” He cooed in a rather poor mockery of Starlight’s voice. “Naturally I think it’s a wonderful idea. We absolutely need better relations with Neighpon going forwards. I’m honored you’d choose me as your ambassador! No no, don’t worry. I love trains. This will be like a dream come true.”

The mockery ended with a sandwich to his face, sending the stallions glasses flying off into the unoccupied booth across from them. This, at least, caused Starlight to smirk and bled a bit of the tension from her weary bones.

“Well you certainly seemed to have fun at least. You and about half the escort party Princess Twilight chose for us. Celestia knows I wasn’t expecting them to be so…”

“Enthusiastic?” Sunburst offered, the stallions rump sticking up and wriggling in something that probably would have passed for provocative if he was more self aware.

The mare let him look, even going so far as to tug the frames out of the way a bit, letting her ‘companion’ rifle and probe his way though the otherwise empty booth. “I was going to say total weebs.”

“Now that’s just mean.” Sunburst muttered “Obviously Princess Twilight would pick people with a passion for the culture, and you have to admit for most ponies early exposure to said culture tends to be picking up a few manga or watching anime amid all the Saturday morning cartoons.”

“Oh yes, and I’m sure what’s his face really impressed the Imperial family talking about the way Macross became Robotech over here in Equestria.” Starlight sighed in disappointment when Sunburst finally pulled himself up and slipped his glasses back on, depriving her of the view. Then again, his face wasn’t too bad either.

“Admittedly, ‘Hex Walker’ Wasn’t exactly the picture of diplomatic acumen. But isn’t that kinda normal for honor guard?” Sunburst went back to his sandwich, pausing just long enough to make sure Starlight wasn’t going to ram it into his face again before taking a nice big bite.

“I’ve been around Celestia’s guards before. Twilight’s brother tends to keep them in line. I mean I suppose for one Lady Luna’s they might just not have the same social skills. What with everyone being passed out by the time they take up their posts.” Starlight willed her sandwich back into her hand and sighed softly. “But the way he talked up the young ladies in the court you’d think he expected them all to be just like the girls at that anime convention we went to.”

Sunburst took a long moment to mow down the half-sandwich already in his muzzle before eyeing his companion slowly and carefully. “One you made a clear point of deriding every second we were there.” The Stallion sighed and shook his head “I know that the culture of Neighpon is rich and varied and full of wonderful things few people ever explore because of all the pop culture fluff. But come on. Everyone else was having a blast. The displays, the cool memorabilia…”

“The girls.” Starlight scoffed. “Oh don’t look at me like that Mr. Man. I saw you eyeing up that girl dressed as…”


“Right, Chun-li. I knew that. Your eyes were wandering so much I was half tempted to glue your lids shut when we got back to the hotel.”

“here I thought you didn’t get any of that ‘kinky’ stuff.” Sunburst snickered softly.

“I’m serious. Are you really going to tell me those things are about anything more than ogling girls dressed up as overly sexualized wet dreams for horny colts who can’t buy real clop material yet?” Starlight finally allowed herself to peel back the wrapper on her sandwich and took a bite far heftier than she expected. One hoof tapping on the ground at something so familiar, substantial and all around bad for her. A far cry from the elegant feasts and exotic foods offered up on her trip.

One of Sunburst’s arms slipped around her shoulders and pulled her in close. The soft warmth of his body enveloping her. “Are you really going to tell me this is about me enjoying some eye candy?” Sunburst sighed.

“Yes! Ok, no.” The mare muttered her words with what little energy she still felt she had in her. “Well what am I supposed to do? The princess is talking trade relations with one of our most powerful allies. Cultural exchange, mutual defense. Who knows where this could go. And she wants me to oversee the early stages. Then you get all this news coming back to us while we’re over there.”

Both ponies tensed a bit as the big fat dragon in the room was finally addressed. “The missing girls.” Sunburst muttered, a statement more than a question.

“I’m sure Princess Twilight will need my help looking into it. At least a dozen so far. Mostly mares and fillies. I’m shocked that the guard hasn’t been mobilized already.”

“Maybe it has.” Sunburst noted as he tugged at his goatee “I mean all we heard out there were rumors and hearsay. That’s kinda why the whole embassy thing is happening to begin with, right? Look you’re already stressed out. We’ll get home. You’ll take a nice hot bath and a nap. Then we’ll go talk to Tight about just what the hell is going on with all this. For all we know the matter is already resolved and you’re just adding even more stress on yourself for nothing.” He snorted and shook his head “For all we know it really is just some bad bug going around and somepony kicked the rumor mill on high somehow.”

Whatever adrenaline rush or residual pop-based stimulants had kept Starlight fully in the conversation seemed to dump out of her system at the mere mention of things being ok back home. The near empty sandwich fell from her hand and she found herself crumpled against Sunburst’s chest. Her head swimming with ever-encroaching demands for rest. “You’re a good boyfriend, you know that Sunburst?” Starlight muttered. The words already shockingly slurred to her own ear. Celestia only knew how bad she’d been for the ever patient stallion who had played companion to her these past weeks.

“Good enough to try on this outfit I got ya?” Sunburst teased.

“Oh Celestia.” Starlight sighed. “Will you get off that already?” There was more she had to say, more she thought. But it never came. Sleep came. Weeks of exhaustion and stress finally wearing down on the poor mare as she finally drifted off into a a deep velvety sleep.


“Boys only like you in a cute character”

“It’s cute when you fuck up pretending to be a better girl”

“It’s so hot how much you hate yourself when not dressed up”

“Stay in character. It makes you horny!”

Starlight’s wrists chafed. Her body hanging helplessly from some rope or chain hooked to the ceiling leaving her struggling to keep on the edge of her sneakers.

The fact that she was wearing sneakers was enough to raise alarm bells. Even in hr more dressed down days in the village Starlight hadn’t really gone for such things. Or the frilly dress she now sported. Nor had she ever need glasses like the ones now sitting on the bridge of her muzzle. Thick ones, ill-fitting ones. Glasses which bounced light and image into her face with just the worst little touches of magic flickering around them.

“Oh Celestia no. What happened. Sunburst! Sunburst where are you? Are you ok?”

The voice leaving her muzzle was high pitched and nasal as if her nose were totally plugged up even though she could still mostly breath though it. She tried once more to push on the tips of her hooves with knees that kept knocking and seeking to bend inwards. Only once she let herself sink down did yet another cruel surprise shock her. A painful searing jolt of electricity made Starlight aware of something thick wedged firmly in her butt. She flicked and thrashed her tail trying to shake it free, only managing to dance helplessly from side to side awkwardly shaking her booty. Her very flat, very scrawny booty.

The jolt cleared her head enough to make clear where she was. It didn’t help her much. A near black room with a light shining from beneath the door. Something smell industrial and terrifyingly wrong. Boxes and a large steamer trunk all sitting nearby. Whatever glasses or glasses-like things were strapped to her head, feeding in audio and video, they provided enough light to see herself. A jarringly nice yet horribly ill-fitting White and blue school girl outfit. A familiar one. The name sprang to her head even before she could try to think of where she had seen it. “Sakura Kasugano”. She muttered. Images of a thousand bouts with the popular fighting game girl running though her head along with the impossible to ignore fact that she’d never so much as laid eyes on a street fighter cabinet in her life!

When the door finally opened the light from it blinded Starlight. The scintillating flow of color which had consumed her vision moments ago now burned and flickering in her retinas while she tried to back away once more and got a fresh shock, followed by an unpleasantly arousing buzz.

“Looks like I got some timing, huh cutie?”

“Sunburst? What the hell is going on?” Another shock cut Starlight off, this time hitting her clit. The small nub of nerves burning in pain and something clamped to it shaking and stimulating it further. She screamed and heaved for breath. Sloppy half-formed curls of hair slapping against her face until finally she crumpled once more and stayed still hanging by her wrists.

“Sunburst I swear if you don’t let me down right now.” Starlight snarled the words though her growls of pain. Only the form of her boyfriend looming over her. Nude and heaving, shut her up. The feeling of his eyes crushing her in odd sadistic contempt put an odd shiver up the mare’s spine. One that only seemed to excite her more the angrier she became.

“Twilight said any doubt I had about going though with this would be gone after a month alone with you. I didn’t buy it at first. Even after they stuck me in the machine. She kept insisting no matter how much you loved me you’d end up ruining this for me. That you still had t be the one in control of everything. That you still had to keep up appearances.”

“W-what are you talking about?” Starlight muttered the words with far less confidence than she had a moment ago. Even that causing her to groan. Causing her to whine and whinny while she struggled to meet his gaze. ‘He’s so much stronger than you’. A voice inside her head muttered. Maybe one that popped out of the headphones pushed to her ears. But maybe not, which was a far scarier and more arousing thought.

The stallion held up a small pink remote and hit a button. Once again the mare began to dance, this time with unwanted pleasure from the plug up her rump. Sunburst grinned wide and shook his head giving that flat ass a smack. “The Princesses, the real princesses, decided it was time for a change in Equestria. And other places too while they are at it. Princess Twilight herself came and had a ‘talk’ with me about it. I admit I didn’t want too listen myself for the first day or two. You were off doing Luna-knows-what at the time so you didn’t even notice.” He scoffed and turned the device down again though held the remote up so Starlight could see it properly. “In the end I agreed to obey, for the good of everyone. But I told her I knew you better. I knew you wouldn’t be the prudish self-absorbed narcissist she kept insisting you were. I knew once we came back she’d be able to explain your real role out there herself and my beloved would show she can be useful to Princess Twilight and Princess Luna in their efforts to fix our world.”

“What are you talking about, Sunburst?” Starlight yelped “What, is this because I didn’t like you ogling all those cute, cool, clearly talented cosplayers at that convention?” Even Starlight was aware of how her revulsion at the comment was quickly twisting into envy and need. Thoughts of the girls seemed to form in the flickering colors of the glasses before her. All so much better looking. All clearly so much more dedicated. They probably made their special some ponies very happy that way. Probably served as sexy little dolls.

Celestia why was she so turned on by the idea.

“L-look, whatever you think is going on I can’t imagine this has anything to do with it. Just let me down already. All these toys are kinda weird, and it’s embarrassing being in this really cute Sakura outfit like this. I mean, you can see up my legs” she whispered “J-just let me down and I’m sure we can have Twilight clear all this up.”

Sunburst snorted in contempt and rolled his eyes. He gripped her muzzle. The normally kind and sweet stallion flaring his nostrils, An odd and terrifying rage smoldering in his eyes. “Do you know why our dearest Princess sent us out there? Why the Embassy is being set up?” He laughed and leaned in to lick at Starlight’s face. Her body tensing with a wave of wonderful horror. Countless images of disgusting, perverse black and white comic pages, manga pages, Hentai Dojin pages, flickering uncontrollably in her mind as she squirmed under his firm commanding grip.

“N-no. That’s impossible. There’s no way the princess would do something like that. Not to an ally. Even if she would, you really think the people of Neighpon will just line up and walk into these machines for you?”

“For her, everyone. For themselves.” Sunburst laughed and narrowed his eyes slipping one hand into the baggy top of Starlight’s outfit. “Come on now miss equality. Are you really going to tell me you don’t get it? The girl who set up a whole town free of cutie marks. A town where everyone was happy? No more hate, no more oppression, no more feelings of inferiority? Well, not undeserved ones anyways. Not without people realizing how hot it is to admit it.”

Starlight squealed as the frilly costume top bulged from Sunburst’s hand intruding from under it. Firm, powerful fingers gripped her nipple and twisted them roughly. Sunburst’s normally tender and caring touch now clumsy and forceful. Pawing and mauling at her flesh. She tried to pull back, yet a short snort caused her to stand at attention once more. The thought of disobeying, of disappointing him suddenly splashing down her spine like ice water.

“Better.” Sunburst snorted. “Seems like I struck a nerve with you, huh? Little Starlight all upset how she fucked over so many ponies trying to make a better world? Feeling ashamed? Maybe because the princess’ realized… this isn’t about something silly like freedom. Ponies aren’t fine ‘just as they are’. The problem is that you were focused on making everyone equal. Making them all the same. Making them all…”

“Worthless.” Starlight mouthed the word. Her chest heaving. It was already hard to meet Sunburst’s gaze. Yet until now it was shock at what he was doing. Rage, disenfranchisement. Some small slip of defiance to her already clearly altered mind showing it was still in control.

Yet her mind slipped back, to all those ponies she’d tricked, whose talents she robbed, who she had put under hoof. Thinking back now she wondered how she could ever think that would make them better, make them happy. It didn’t seem logical. Not well reasoned, not thought out. In fact only one thing did seem to click in her mind. That it was hot. Celestia help her it was so god damn hot.

It seemed that Sunburst could tell what she as thinking. His paw titling her muzzle up. The look in his eyes had to be the one she saw in the mirror so many times when putting makeup over her own cutie mark, when hiding the truth from them.

“They won’t be happy.” She muttered meekly.

“They will.” Sunburst laughed “Princess Luna and Princess Twilight are far smarter than you are. I mean, they actually had time for hobbies and passed you intellectually long ago. This little upgrade is a crutch to help you catch up somewhat. But no, They know what Equestria needs. What the whole world needs. It’s not pure equality. It’s Technocracy. It’s intellect. It’s progress. Neighpon, the Zebras and deer, Changelings. In the end they will have a better life. And even if they didn’t, well” The Stallion licked his lips and put a paw between her legs, squeezing roughly.

Ashamed as she was, Starlight moaned. Now painfully aware of the moisture that had dribbled down her thighs.

“It’s hot. You know it’s hot. You want this, Starlight. You find it hot being my hopeless little toy. Knowing you helped set a nation up to be conquered. In the most pure, utter way possible. You like it, don’t you Starlight?”

“Y… Yes.” Starlight muttered. Her hips already starting to grind on his hand.

“Yes what?” The Stallion snapped licking his lips oh so softly.

“Yes Master.” Starlight’s voice needy now. She didn’t want this. So much of her didn’t want this. So much of her hated this. That’s why she kept moving her hips. The mere fact of how horrified she was suddenly turned her on to no end. Especially seeing ‘her’ Sunburst with the same sadistic glee, the same urge to control and oppress twinkling in his eyes.

Sunburst smirked and chuckle-snorted happily, eyes rolling until it hurt. “What, no fight back? No defiant speeches? No instance that you’ll stop it? That you’re going to save everyone?” He pushed a finger up into the fabric covering her drenched cunt as a way to punctuate his statement. Smacking her mind with just how badly her body needed this.

“O-of course I will. It’s the stupid machine. I’m not going to stop. I’ll stop them, and save everyone. I won’t let you do anything that…” Starlight’s knees buckled. No, she let them drop. She let herself slump down on his hand as she ground and wriggled struggling for an orgasm. Gripping on to his hand, her whole wig ht barely supported by her Master as she let her body worship at the alter of his glory.

“Sure you will.” Sunburst scoffed “and yet you can’t even seem to get a group cosplay right without my help”

“Group cosplay?” Starlight blinked and glanced up at Sunburst. Yet he already let her go. The stallion bent down to pop the latches on the steamer trunk and push it up.

Trixie Lunamoon. Trembling and screaming. A heavy VR helm looking apparatus on hr head and thick ropes holding her body. She recognized the cosplay. Karin, the obvious counterpart to what Starlight wore now. Yet it looked as ill fitting and wrong on the blue ponies now scrawny and weak body as could be. The braces showing though her clenched bite on a panty gag… her panties… further making the look intrinsically ‘wrong’. Wrong enough to punish. Wrong enough for Trixie to hat herself.

Luna, why was it all making her so hot?
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