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Period 6 completion!
safe1584353 artist:joycall6585 artist:melisareb264 artist:parclytaxel1228 edit119391 edited edit2313 applejack159661 autumn blaze3409 big macintosh26684 daring do6135 derpy hooves48153 dj pon-328055 fluttershy199505 lyra heartstrings28046 minuette5433 pinkie pie204173 princess celestia89732 princess luna94156 rainbow dash220670 rarity170846 shining armor21678 silver spoon6165 spindle15 spitfire12740 sunset shimmer57405 suri polomare1136 trixie62813 twilight sparkle283467 vinyl scratch28057 oc607574 oc:fausticorn1496 oc:spindle66 alicorn199146 bat pony43043 bird6945 earth pony205079 kirin6975 pegasus246529 pony854764 seagull178 spider1592 unicorn273026 windigo597 series:joycall6's periodic table106 :>321 :o3431 :p7349 absurd resolution63645 aircraft456 aluminium4 aluminum65 anatomy374 ancient egypt38 anti-static brush3 antimony5 apple (company) coffee3 argentum6 argon11 arsenic6 aurum6 baguette114 balloon9588 banana1868 bananalestia157 barium7 baseball383 baseball bat977 basement199 bat ponified2111 battery154 beaker183 beatnik rarity561 bedroom eyes52995 beret1751 beryl4 beryllium7 bipedal30873 bismuth3 blushing177435 book30731 boron6 borosillicate glass3 brain367 bread1266 bromine10 bucket2107 bust41957 c:1156 cable116 cadmium4 caesium4 calcium11 capacitor9 car5568 carbon8 carrying2011 catalytic converter3 cd112 cerium6 cesium6 chemistry305 chibi13117 chlorine16 chromium9 cigarette3442 circuit21 circuit board38 clothes413824 cloud27705 cloudy5952 cobalt5 coca-cola221 coin629 companion cube203 computer5655 cooking1005 cooking pot45 cooling tower4 copper14 crossover58073 crying40157 cuprum5 cut677 cute180741 cute little fangs1761 cutefire192 diamond648 diatrixes2867 diode9 doormat52 drink4415 dysprosium5 egyptian721 eiffel tower132 electric guitar865 electronics42 erbium7 euro13 european central bank4 europium5 eyes closed81163 f-15 eagle26 fangs21799 female1181702 ferrum8 fertilizer29 fiber optic5 film50 fireworks1781 floating3565 floating wings1024 fluorine11 flutterbat6447 flying34699 food62049 gadolinium4 gallium7 gem5482 germanium4 giant pony4214 giant/tiny145 giantess3650 glass4104 glasses55088 glassware3 glow3925 glowstick674 gold940 guitar4405 hafnium4 hard drive16 hat77071 hatless1860 headphones6924 heart43506 helium105 holmium4 hoof hold7408 hydrogen19 hypercar73 indium4 injured3114 integrated circuit11 intestines380 iodine10 iridium4 iron29 jackabetes5214 jet366 jet engine38 jet plane5 kalium4 krypton8 lab coat2027 laboratory glassware3 lanthanum5 laser870 lauren faust1716 lead82 leaf868 levitation10702 licking18133 licking lips3875 light1301 lightbulb247 lighter216 lights740 literal silver spoon4 lithium6 loupe29 lutetium5 mac31 macro9954 macro/micro444 magic66444 magnesium8 magnet167 male323584 manganese6 mare425966 match109 mclaren41 mclaren mp4-12c16 mercury (element)15 meter bar3 micro ponies15 microchip8 microphone4517 milk3862 missing accessory7475 molybdenum6 monitor555 mouth hold15517 mri3 mri scanner4 mug3717 musical instrument7200 nails315 natrium4 neodymium5 neon799 nickel16 night23303 night vision13 nightcap480 niko (oneshot)22 niobium4 nitrogen10 nuclear power plant10 ocean5546 oil platform4 oil rig5 one eye closed25947 oneshot30 open mouth124935 operation27 optical fiber4 osmium4 oxygen16 oxygen mask52 oxygen tank30 palladium4 pan134 parody15225 pcb19 pen1116 pepto-bismol2 periodic table186 pet scan3 pharaoh56 phonograph87 phosphorus5 pink-mane celestia2377 plane2510 planet1074 platinum11 png152 poison162 polonium8 portal (valve)1126 portal gun193 portrait28629 positron emission tomography4 potassium12 power plant13 printed ciruit board5 promethium (element)5 prone23597 pun7153 race swap12712 respirator170 rhenium5 rhodium4 riding4895 role reversal1285 rubidium5 ruthenium4 safety goggles322 salt147 saltpeter4 samarium4 scandium4 science1174 scissors1021 selenium5 semiconductor6 shampoo286 shears41 shyabetes11904 silicon6 silver76 silverware47 simple background348221 singing5830 sitting55715 sky12187 sleepy1475 smiling217642 smoke2334 smoking3814 soda1426 soda can228 sodium6 solar panel22 solder7 soldering8 soldering iron41 south korea90 speaker218 sports3049 sr-71 blackbird39 stainless steel6 stallion94084 stannum5 stars13813 stibium5 strontium5 sulfur14 sulphur4 sun5942 surgery98 surgical mask186 sweater13185 swimming1718 swimming pool2413 tangible heavenly object1267 tantalum5 tantalum capacitor3 technetium4 telekinesis24795 telescope739 television2160 tellurium9 terbium4 test card29 that pony sure loves gems3 then watch her balloons lift her up to the sky838 tin15 tiny1076 tiny ponies1305 titanium7 to the moon287 tongue out91557 tool15 toothbrush727 toothpaste237 torch613 transparent background180775 tungsten5 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116028 underwater4543 vanadium4 vehicle587 wafer10 wall of tags2528 weapons-grade cute3280 when you see it591 wind turbine3 wind turbine generator15 windigo oc76 windmill286 window7457 wings80863 wink21993 wires318 wolfram5 wrench688 x-ray6869 x-ray picture138 xenon5 yttrium7 zinc7 zirconium4


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Background Pony #67DB
@Miles Seventh should've seen the look on my face a few years ago when it occurred to me that it's called a Macintosh because of the type of apple. And that would be the "little in character"
Background Pony #67DB
I like how i'ts mostly in character, but there's a few odd things, like dash being obsessed with power apparently, and AJ making apple computers (actually that's a little in character but I still don't see her making computers)