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Artist's Description

"Reeeege. I need a little help with my sunscreen."

Indigo's out for some fun in the sun and requires a little help putting on sunblock from Rege

The hat helps a little more with keeping Indigo's sensitive eyes safe from sunlight. She just wants to enjoy the beach. (She doesn't where sunglasses cuz, like all her other glasses, she loses them too easily XD)
suggestive135356 alternate version40179 artist:blackblood-queen1191 oc643368 oc only426986 oc:indigo rose37 bat pony46345 anthro245853 anthro oc28906 bat pony oc15728 bat wings8333 beach14016 big breasts76043 bikini17109 breasts260998 clothes435852 digital art15913 fangs23451 female1305573 hat81825 mare449990 milf8983 slit eyes4283 solo1020372 solo female174051 swimsuit26759 wings93180


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