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just something my friend ali drew. thought id upload it here to immortalize it x3
safe1749846 earth pony265699 pony1009950 unicorn342046 pony town3761 2b82 bald2186 blank face35 blindfold4533 blood25234 bloody132 bowtie10619 clothes475734 confused4886 crowbar172 crown17937 dress46051 ears523 eyebrows6404 eyelashes12296 facial hair6200 glowing eyes11578 horn77493 imminent death2519 jewelry68146 moustache2965 nervous5877 nier: automata129 pink hair1311 ponytail18748 rainbow socks1612 regalia21122 scared10756 short hair2037 socks68525 striped socks21935 surprised9576 sweat27618 thigh highs38148 unamused16742 white hair442 yellow eyes2190


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