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Artist's Description

Warm up sketch
suggestive135110 artist:blackblood-queen1182 oc642097 oc only426393 oc:lady lovegreen250 dracony6156 dragon52099 hybrid16817 pony903746 anthro245359 anthro oc28864 belly button72705 big breasts75830 breasts260418 cameltoe8132 chest fluff35395 clothes435027 daisy dukes1348 dialogue61975 digital art15833 fangs23389 female1303941 front knot midriff1296 mare449111 midriff18754 milf8960 shorts13098 slit eyes4272 solo1019098 solo female173823 torn ear710 wingless3800 wingless anthro1903


not provided yet


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With the shorts the OC is wearing could be on the trend of shorts becoming the size of thongs when chances unattended movement had her wonder if she was to be flashing some private parts.

I don't want to sound nitpicky : but those "pants" don't look to be very comfortable , actually from the picture it looks extremely uncomfortable ( potential accidental self castration uncomfortable ).