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Its been nearly a year since I've started making SFM art, and its been a wild ride! I've learned a lot along the way and have hopefully gotten much better at it. While I've certainly taken my time making SFM art as a hobby, its been fun do so, especially being part of a community and contributing to it. So as a commemorative piece, I decided to make a new piece (with some suggestions and help) to celebrate the progress I've made so far. Cheers, and hopefully more to come!
suggestive135372 artist:epsilonwolf50 princess luna96566 alicorn211215 anthro245908 plantigrade anthro29995 3d69979 beretta60 bikini17110 breasts261120 busty princess luna6562 cleavage32888 clothes435951 crown15518 female1305782 gun15371 handgun2598 horn55939 jewelry57257 midriff18768 nexgen712 p9059 pistol1999 regalia18167 s1 luna7108 smug5607 solo1020551 source filmmaker42596 spread wings50828 submachinegun317 swimsuit26760 weapon29060 wings93228


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Background Pony #117D
Luna: What you a call Big sister?! 😮 (she summon a P90 and a Beretta) Try to say it again now? 😈

this luna have love big sister complex and all call her beloved big sister mean name like Tyrantia , Trollestia or even Molestia will surver her warth, so be kind with her and mostly Her beloved Celestia or you will surfer the immoral little sister warth!….well the big sister is NOT far worse and you will wish to angry luna over Celestia but is be too late, in other word be mean to the sisters or you are doom.

this luna a never be nightmare moon, no be love from the start but she hunt down all who tread her big sister, and if you think you can escape her..think again, is only part of her game, hunting criminal is her fun, she let you one hour before she hunt you down and she take her time to make it fun for her and her guards make sure you never escape the hunt zone but if you a not be capture for week, she be kind and let you go but if you be mean again to her Sister or friends again, the hunt game will be worse than the last time and is not forgiveness this time, and what make it worse? Tia play it too and she EXTREMELY good on this so GAME OVER! but what weapon she use? oh only a spear mixed with a magic staff who have 1% of her Full god power and Luna will use her P90 with magic bullet and her sword who have 1% of her own God power!

Note the weapon who have 1% God power can be rise to 100% of their power but is RARE be use it as this level, so you need be real Big tread for use this level of power.