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Macaroni C-Pony

@Background Pony #D5F1
Well that’s why I gave more evidence, than just scaling to Discord. I knew whether or not Discord was trying could ruin the whole argument. So I pieced together some reaction time from the mane 6 and from Discord himself. I have more calls on my Docs

Additionally, this would give the entirety of the Mane 6 faster than light combat speed, so anything slower than that they should be capable of dodging (looking at you Death Battle)

I also wrote for so long Derpibooru logged me out and accidentally posted anonymously
Background Pony #A0A9
Let's debate that shall we.

Okay, assuming the comics and Show are canon to each other (Which I believe so), I cite The Horsehead Nebula for my calcs

Rainbow Dash scales to this by flying ON PAR WITH Discord in "What about Discord"

In Friendship is Magic #24 Discord flew from the Horsehead Nebula to Earth in a month, or an estimated 30 DAYS

The Horsehead Nebula has a Radius of 3.5 light years, and it’s Distance to Earth is 1,500 light years

So, to calculate the speed by dividing the distance traveled by the amount of time it took gives us:

1500 Light years / 30 days = 5.47484283 × 10^12 m/s

Or 5,474,842,800,000 meters per second

To convert that into miles per hour, we multiply the value by 2.237, and the result is
1.2247223e+13, or 12,247,223,000,000 Miles an hour

And remember, the Speed of Light is 6.706e+8, or approximately 670,600,000 miles per hour
Or 186,000 miles per second
Or 299,800,000 meters per second

And 1 light-year is the distance light travels in one year.

How far is that? Multiply the number of seconds in one year by the number of miles or kilometers that light travels in 1 second.

365 times 24 times 60 times 60 seconds…or 31,536,000 seconds
Which equals about about 5.88 trillion miles (or 9.5 trillion km)

So 1 light year is equal to 5.8 trillion miles.

To calculate this number, we use the formula d = c × t, where d is 1 light year, c is the speed of light, and t is the number of seconds in 1 year.

TOTAL SPEED: 18,262c (Massively FTL+)

12,246,801,000,000 Miles Per Hour

That would make Rainbow Dash roughly 20x the Speed of Light, possibly even farther even we go scale her to Pinkie's reality defy feats, and thrown in her time travel feat from the Special Edition Comic.

More evidence comes from the fact that Rainbow casually catches most of her friends off guard most of the time, which is important because the entirety of the Mane 6 were able to view the Secretariat Comet in "return of Queen Chrysalis", You see the Secretariat Comet passed through the Nebula and was visible from Earth.

This means that Rainbow Dash flew faster than most of friends could react, and her friends were able to perceive through space time and see a comet passing through a Nebula a great distance from Earth. So there's more evidence.
Pretty sure Archie Sonic could rekt her.
Then again he's not even canon, AND he's been discontinued.

So how does this stack.

Sonic Boom Sonic Yamcha'd

Sonic X Sonic gets hole punched through him after a good fight, as only with Super Sonic has he even scratched light speed

Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic would also leave Tails an orphan.

Sonic Underground Sonic would literally get put UNDERGROUND, as well

IDW Sonic MIGHT lose depending on what variables there are, as we haven't seen him do much either, yet the comic book is still unfinished at the moment, (However, it's heavily imlpied that this is game Sonic, so who knows)

Archie Sonic is multiversal, so Rainbow Dash is a stain on the ground in this scenario

And finally, as for Game Sonic, True Sonic… well, he has WAY too many calculations that put him at least slightly faster than Dashie's 20x scaling, and that's without Super Sonic. He also can break time with his speed alone too, so unless we're using Death Battle's "Sonic has yet to prove he is faster than light in canon" version of Hyper Sonic, Rainbow Dash would only BARELY put up a fight/Race until the emeralds are used.

So, unfortunately, but fortunately, Rainbow Dash could pwn ALL but TWO versions of Sonic in a fight/Race.
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Nice parody, and nicely drawn.

In fairness that Sonic hate trend here has died down a li'l and the Sonic fans here have helped balance that a bit.

So far we only got 1 downvote, which isn't bad.
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Good question. All I know is enough for images containing him to typically receive more negative reception than they would otherwise, even if they’re well done. Just a trend I’ve noticed.