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You shall be stuck... in this Fluttershy's cuteness!

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The final part of the Mega-Twi-"Bird" story.

A webm 1080p reupload of 2406890

Huge thanks to Rainboom Dash for helping me fix webm colors problem.

Twilight rig by JayaByte
Starlight rig can be found here.
safe1584360 artist:ursamanner17 starlight glimmer44534 twilight sparkle283467 alicorn199148 pony854766 unicorn273030 angry24353 animated92782 broom1543 eye twitch353 female1181704 flower22714 flower field55 happy27974 house1963 levitation10702 magic66444 mare425968 poppy44 s5 starlight1495 show accurate11402 smiling217644 stairs1526 starlight is not amused279 surprised8180 telekinesis24795 trollight sparkle43 trotting1247 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116028 twilight's castle3345 unamused14083 webm10787


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