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suggestive129919 artist:feyzer43 princess celestia89924 princess luna94311 kaiju1410 equestria girls183217 bbw3964 chubbylestia810 clothes415552 crossover58293 fat20218 female1228828 gamera33 gamera (series)34 giant human37 giantess3665 giantlestia319 huge212 lava769 macro10000 male331425 obese10475 one-piece swimsuit3983 princess moonpig507 principal celestia3213 principal chubbylestia15 ssbbw1523 swimsuit25738 vice principal luna2276 vice principal moonpig10


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Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

never big enough
Looks like Celestia and Luna are hungry for some of that turtle meat.

I don't blame them. Apparently it's really neat.