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This is a MLP news special report presented by Eone, good evening everypony from Asia and very morning to USA. We're begins with the breaking news about the positive signs of EQG series, we've heard that rumors from Farhan that EQG season 3 has officially revealed but don't be celebrate because we still need a confirmation from Hasbro to accept two animation media company: Boulder Media and Eone to make it happen so let's wait and see. In others headline as I mentioned before, MLP Pony Life will be added more series for the rest of the decades of 2020 this should be very interested and can't wait to see more. And that's the news for today you can follow me on Instagram for more news, posts and more, for now this has been a MLP news special report, I'm Alex, have a pony-riffic day.
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40 comments posted
Background Pony #8D68
@Background Pony #34E8
It is true and not fake have what you believe over your life.

your still blind believe but how you did know different news real or fake on twitter.

example the last text thats have original source link so this real news like this.

and fake news is just image,hashtags and there not have original source link just blank without links.

so are you newbie fans use internet?
Background Pony #8D68
i found it he was make mistake here @farhanazhari5
he this not have source news just make hope hastags,but i see nobody talk comment someone from indonesia think all comment from country outside.
plus everything text like from fandom wikia (unofficial wikipedia)
Background Pony #62B1
eqg is dead along with mlp. everyone move on with your lives. Our fav characters will never return. We will have to simply stick with fanfiction and the like.
Background Pony #15C7
Clickbait or not I still hope it might still happen if we just be patient
Background Pony #15BB
I'm a big fan of Equestria Girls, but I've already accepted that it's over. I mean, there may be a reboot in the future to complement G5 (just like the version we know and love was a complement to G4), but we're still not sure about that yet! Why some people can't get over it?
Background Pony #F2D1
I wish they will bring back Equestria Girls, but also put the rest of episodes of season 2 in other languages.

When we will watch them in other languages and when we will get official information about bringing back or ending?
Background Pony #8D68
without official news source,this just hoax,so don't too much believe wihtout source news.

well this another someone make lies but i know this trying to bait.

you can stop spam this exaggerated.dude