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AH. Bramley Apple. Chaotic gay son of AJ and Jet Set.

Originally when I first wrote Bram's character he was a straight boy. He's since gone through other iterations and landed on the gayest end of the spectrum. He's a disaster child with a LOT of energy and dumbass quirks.

Some facts:

-Bram is a klutz. He trips constantly but it no longer phases him. He's a big doofus in general but his clumsy nature is unintentionally endearing. He just gets SO excited and trips.

-Bailey is Bram's twin but they don't have a typical twin trope relationship. They can't read each other's minds and instead, Bramley is mostly Bailey's problem. Bram constantly got into trouble in his teenage years and Bailey sorta had to help him fix his problems. They adore each other but Bai has always been the responsible one.

-AJ is the first person Bram runs to if he has a problem. He enjoys being doted on by her. He's his calmest around AJ.

-While Bailey and Little Lady have a strained relationship, Bramley and Lady have no relationship. He often forgets that she exists. She was like a stone wall with Bram and didn't interact with him. He doesn't harbor any resentment but just thinks they haven't had a lot of time to connect.

-Arkansas Black is Bram's older brother and his idol. Bramley is the one who's known across Equestria for being a musician but none of his accomplishments stack up to Ark's mere existence. Bramley LOVES his brother.

-Jet Set and Bramley aren't as close. Jet is very chill and proper by nature and Bram is a bit too rambunctious for him. He does love his son though and reminded Bram of that constantly before he passed.

-Bramley can levitate and uses this power to torment Bailey.

-He's loud and bombastic and uses everything as a drum. He's the drummer for his band Feigned Neightion.

-Bramley has a BIG OL crush on Rarity's stepson Ti' Cheval. Cheval or DJ Pariah is also a musician and Bramley gets so excited when they book the same venue. Cheval sorta doesn't understand that Bramley likes him. He thinks Bram just a weird nervous doofus and he is…just more so around Cheval.


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