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So here's part 2 of the series X3
While the series didn't necessarily get a lot of popularity, I did get a lot of suggestions and I really appreciate all of them <3
Anyways, I decided to do this for part 2 because I felt this could potentially lead it to the other parts X3

This was a combination of 2 suggestions
SplendidJo from Derpi who said "Some same size ov while Pinkie has her face deep in twibutt"
Zaiato from FA who said "Rarity AV'd same size could be fun but OV'd would be just as good"

These were 2 of the earliest suggestions I got and after waiting for a while, I came up with something that can do both. While it doesn't follow it exactly, I felt this was a great way to start it X3

As for what will happen next, suggestions are still open and would love to hear what you all want :3
Current suggestions for part 3 are
Broaidie from FA "Twilight Sparkle puts Fluttershy inside of Pinkie Pie's mouth and farts in Pinkie's mouth."
UnknownGamer21 from Eka "Flutershy gets AVed by a unwilling Pinkiepie"

But feel free to continue to suggest stuff with any of the remaining preys as I have not made part 3 yet
But I may only give it a day or two this time X3
suggestive129826 artist:mrm111 applejack159983 fluttershy199856 pinkie pie204504 rainbow dash221043 rarity171193 twilight sparkle283969 alicorn199798 earth pony206202 pegasus247719 pony857666 unicorn274311 3d65685 domination1628 evil2620 evil twilight339 female1227974 femdom7245 femsub9317 fetish35478 flutterprey551 imminent facesitting145 mane six29791 mare427451 micro8323 multiple prey640 pinkie prey372 pinkiesub152 preydash304 preyjack200 rariprey459 same size vore442 sfm pony526 source filmmaker40013 submissive13880 swallowing1783 throat bulge3350 twidom1017 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116290 twipred743 tyrant sparkle696 vore13360


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Twilight Sparkle <3
"Twi put Fluttershy in her butt and fart feed her to Pinkie"
Wow, very similar to the suggestion I got from FA XD
"Twilight Sparkle puts Fluttershy inside of Pinkie Pie's mouth and farts in Pinkie's mouth."