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Changlings in hoodie—- oh wait, not hoodies.
safe1676242 artist:tonyfleecs1454 queen chrysalis34276 changeling46009 changeling queen15601 idw15006 spoiler:comic10489 spoiler:friendship in disguise118 spoiler:friendship in disguise0123 backfire58 cloak4165 clothes448808 comic107050 female1336158 imminent crossover4 imminent invasion4 lightning3063 this will not end well1590


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Is it me or are there just some leftover changelings that were not reformed or metamorphosed in the season six finale two-parter, “To Where and Back Again”? Maybe there were six of them left.
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@northern haste
Why? All the changelings are reformed and metamorphosed in the end of the season 6 finale. Tempest was reformed, The Student/young six were students of the School of Friendship, and Spike has wings.
Background Pony #0933
-chrysllas I didnt apperite that stone statue discord and the princess put me and my colleauges in

@Background Pony #3832
A shame the show didn't use that idea of not all of the changelings reformed and are still loyal to Chrysalis there.
Its annoying as hell the mention of rogue changelings was wasted due to apparently they are all dealt with off-screen by the time Thorax's brother reformed.
Heck.. we don't know what happened to the changelings that was impersonating everyone that got nabbed in TWABA.
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This story's continuity is its own continuity. Everything is all over the place for starters. But anyway, this brings out the kid within me.
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'Summon Changelings from other worlds', sounds like fanfic fuel to me. I wonder what other shapeshifting horrors she could have ended up with?

By recent imprisonment, didn't she mean like what happened to her in her comic arc?
Like where she ends up getting stuck in some castle for awhile I think?
Background Pony #DF80
I can't understand at what point in the series this should have happened.
Background Pony #0963
@Background Pony #606D
But Queen Chrysalis should be in her stone prison!

Alternativ universe. Chrysalis: "fellow changelings from other worlds"

It means different dimensions, and she was aware of this, and we know that dimensional jumping is very common in the FiM universe. Twilight Sparkle in manga Vol. 1 had said that there are several thousand different dimensions associated with the "basic universe" itself — and that there could be huge superficial differences between most of them. This is obviously what Chrysalis referred to when she wants to recruit as many as possible from other worlds.
Background Pony #E638
Wait a minute… the hell did she make new changelings even thought this supposed to take place in season 8, because spike has his wings on the cover art?