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Meet Danger Doodle :3

She is a punk scorpion/bat pony hybrid, who works as a tattoo artist :3
Instead of using a needle, she often uses the tip of her stinger tail to do the tattoos.

She prefers to stay out in the hot sunny areas, she's not a fan of the cold. She is a very deadpan and snarky mare as well, but she is a nice girl when you get to know her.

Her tail is very strong, being able to hold and carry nearly double her weight, and be uses as an extra appendage. It also hosts a wide variety of venoms in her stinger, although none of them are lethal (most of them just normally cause someone to fall asleep if she stings you with them)
safe1587665 alternate version35855 artist:sparklysapphire5 oc609934 oc only409557 oc:danger doodle7 bat pony43252 hybrid15458 original species21930 pony858386 scorpion110 scorpion pony8 bat pony oc14243 bat wings6513 choker9722 clothes415247 crown14579 ear piercing22304 earring18406 fangs21876 female1228113 jacket11033 jewelry53157 leather jacket2940 mare427525 markings1157 piercing35675 punk1963 red and black oc1519 red eyes5250 red mane417 regalia16976 scorpion tail82 shorts12533 simple background349640 sleeveless3363 slit pupils590 solo983375 spiked choker1271 spiked wristband1079 tattoo4764 transparent background181369 wings81631 wristband3208


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