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Narrator: “It was getting dark in Ponyville, and the Student Six were near Fluttershy’s cottage, with Yona discussing to her friends about being a giant.”

Yona: “Yona can’t wait to be a giant! I would love to be one big creature!

Gallus: “But you’re a yak, and yaks can be dangerous as giants, because that can cause a lot of problems all over Equestria, and it’s better when you’re at regular size. Besides, that way, you’ll be fine just the way you are as long as you have a heart.”

Yona: “Yona has a heart!”

Silverstream: “We get it, Yona. Everyone in Equestria has a heart inside them.”

Smolder: “Yeah, yeah, nobody needs to listen to that all of the time! Creatures comes in different sizes, and Ocellus is just about the youngest changeling in the world, with me being the second youngest dragon in the world, since I’m the only dragon who’s older than Spike, and even Spike’s the youngest dragon ever.”

Yona: “Wait… Are you sure? Because that ain’t what the others told me.”

Smolder: “it’s the truth! I’m the second youngest dragon! There’s no way it could be false!”

Ocellus: “Come on, girls. There’s no need to argue.”

Sandbar: “We know this is a good discussion and all, but can we go see Twilight Sparkle already? I’m getting bored.”

Silverstream: “Sure… (yawns) I’m getting kinda tired myself. Come on, gang. There’s so much sleeping to get…

Gallus: “Well, I haven’t seen her be so tired in a long time…”

Yona: “Aww yeah! We’re hitting for the sleeping line”

Narrator: “The next early morning, the Student Six were sleeping in outside of Fluttershy’s house. But while most of them were sleeping, Yona, however, was having a dream, and she’s dreaming of a good one.”

(The scene begins with Rarity inside the Canterlot castle, who is combing her mane.)

Rarity: “Well, another day in Canterlot for me to comb my beautiful mane, as everypony call me “The most handsomest and gorgeous mare of them all”! (levitates a comb laying on the dresser, and begins combing her) There! Now my mane’s all clean!


Rarity: “Huh? What was that? Somehow I’m inside the castle, and all of a sudden, things start shaking.


Rarity: “What is that noise?! Whoever that is, I demand you to answer me, now!”


Yona (pony form): “Oh, Rarity!” (thud, continues in the background while she’s walking to the Canterlot castle) Hey! Rarity! Come outside! Yona’s a giant!!

Rarity: “Is that Yona’s voice I’m hearing? But why is her voice so deep? I’m just gonna see where she’s at. (gasps) Yona? You’re…. you’re a giant pony?! I didn’t think you were gonna be here this early in the morning.”

Yona (pony form): “Well, somehow I wanted to be a giant, and it appears that I am! And let me tell you how this happened: First, I was in walking in the Ponyville all alone, and then I see this yellow magic dust falling from the air, and I ended up getting affected by it, then I changed into a pony before growing into a really, really big pony! And boom, I started loving this, but all the ponies in Ponyville were so afraid of me being so tall, I felt nervous myself. After all, I felt excited of being big, and I wasn’t gloomy about it, either.”

Rarity: “My, you sure have a great story to tell me.”

Yona (pony form): “I know. Hop on to my hoof, it’ll be a great ride!”

Rarity: “Alright!” (levitates herself to Yona’s gigantic hoof)

Yona (pony form): “HERE WE GO!!! (thud)

Silverstream: “Yona?”

Yona: (yawning) “Oh, good morning, everyone. I was just having a dream of myself as a giant pony and meeting Rarity at the Canterlot castle. I was so friendly, everyone was thrilled to see myself being so big.”

Gallus: “Glad you had a dream of yourself as a giant pony. Remember when I said yesterday that being a yak would be a dangerous situation as a giant?”

Yona: “Yes, I know, but I still love everyone! But it doesn’t matter what type of creature you are, any creature can be a giant as long as they’ve been a friend to everyone we trust!”

Sandbar: “I agree!”

Ocellus: “Me, too!”

Narrator: “With Yona understanding what her friends are telling her, and that her dreams made herself a big one, she hopes that everyone will continue to love her forever.”
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