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safe1587943 artist:chrzanek97223 artist:laszlvfx1242 edit119751 princess celestia89884 princess luna94281 alicorn199895 pony859806 crown14580 dramatic128 ethereal mane6671 eyeshadow13540 female1228328 flowing mane1043 grin33482 hoof shoes4336 jewelry53181 makeup18358 mare427616 multicolored mane1224 narrowed eyes785 raised eyebrow6237 raised hoof39496 regalia16981 royal sisters3967 siblings6478 sisters7518 smiling218546 starry mane3414 wallpaper17804 wallpaper edit2705


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Background Pony #F91F
and as for you princess luna, your episode from season 2 thinks the mysterious pony behind the cloak was you!