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Request for cordele

Grown up Sweetie Belle decided to come to her old school house.
She came at the time all lessons were done and all the students were going home. She came inside and saw her old teacher cheerilee.
SB: hi miss cheerilee.
She turned around and saw her old student.
C: oh hello Sweetie Belle, you grown up really good, why are you here?
SB: I just wanted to see my old school house and teacher
C: Well, it's really nice. How have you been
SB: just fine, I'm happily working at friendship school, it's great
C: I've been doing fine as well
SB: maybe we can meet other time?
C: sure maybe on this weekend
SB: alright, see you next time good bye
Sweetie Belle left the school house, but suddenly her stomach started growling.
SB: ah, that hurt
More growls erupted in her stomach, she felt something in her butt and accidentally let out a wet fart.
SB: I GOTTA USE THE TOILET NOW, oh the old bathroom!
She ran to the back of the school and went down the bulkhead door where the old bathroom is. She looked around the bathroom and noticed that the bathroom didn't change very much, the sinks are different, the stall walls are cleaner but rest stays the same.
SB: oh, i remember when me, Apple bloom and scootaloo used the bathroom at the same time and in the same stalls. And when we didn't had cutie marks yet, we made cookies for diamond tiara and silver spoon with ton of laxative and we were peeking at them suffering on toilets hehe, the only time we were happy that we didn't got the cutie marks fo-
More growls and another fart stopped sweetie Belle from talking to herself.
SB: Oh yeah, I almost forgot
She entered the stall at the end of the left side and begin pooping while placing her adult butt on the small toilet.

At first she pushes hard with farts coming out first, but soon some poop started coming out, a lot of poop. She pushed harder and even more came out. The poop started to turn from solid to liquid, it hurts her butt a lot.
SB: oh dear, it hurts it really hurts. What did I ate that upset my belly ahh!
More diarrhea was coming out and it's already burning her butthole hard.
SB: Is this what diamond tiara and silver spoon have been going through when they were here?
While she was breathing, she felt the stench coming out of the toilet.
SB: eww, that smells horrible.
She covered her nose with both front hooves and tried to move her butt and legs to keep most of the smell inside the bowl.
Few minutes later, she's still on the toilet with diarrhea she stopped to calm down. Her curiosity said to check the bowl, so she opened her back legs and saw the brown mess in the bowls.
SB: oh gosh, nevermind, disgusting.
And she immediately in panic closed her legs to stop more stench.
SB: I would probably be longer here if Apple bloom and scootaloo were here.
A bit later she continues her push and more diarrhea leaves her butt.

Few more minutes, she finished the diarrhea and she could finally relax for good.
SB: finally, It's ove-(sudden small fart) AH! Now it's over.
She looked to her left and saw that there's no toilet paper.
SB: OH COME ON! Um, miss cheerilee, I'm out of toilet paper…. Miss cheerilee?


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