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Background Pony #FCFD
The pony of shadows was banished to limbo. Stygian was reformed.

Starlight Glimmer — Reformed
Garble — Defeated before he even got the chance to do whatever the fuck he was going to do and forced to hug everyone as punishment (weakest punishment in the show). Later Reformed.
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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Let's keep calm here...

Tirek — Good riddance!
Witches of Gloom — Fate unknown
Squirk — Fate unknown, utterly thwarted
Porcina — Reformed
Raptorians — Petrified
Arabus — Incapacitated
Grogar — Banished
Flories — Under lock and key
Beezen — Up a creek without a paddle
King Charlatan — Reformed
Lavan — Good riddance!
Somnambula — Fate unknown, utterly thwarted

Nightmare Moon — Reformed
Discord — Reformed
Chrysalis — Petrified
Sombra — Good riddance!
Tirek — Petrified
Pony of Shadows — Reformed
Storm King — Good riddance!
Cozy Glow — Petrified
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Background Pony #6B02
@Smart Heart
Moondancer shouldn't be considered reformed because she was never a villain or even much of an antagonist. Otherwise you're pretty much correct except I'd add Princess Luna.
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Background Pony #F8C1
@Background Pony #E21C
Here's what should have been done

1. Discord was turned back to stone at the end of Season 4. He doesn't reform and remains evil.
2. Grogar is the main antagonist of Season 7 instead of the Pony of Shadows and we actually see him do something. After his defeat he is presumed to be dead.
3. Grogar returns in Season 9 revealing to have survived but is now greatly weakened and lost his bell. He summons Tirek, Chrysalis, Cozy Glow, and King Sombra to his lair. In the finale, Grogar doesn't get betrayed and is the final antagonist. Cozy Glow reforms and is reunited with her parents after many years. Chrysalis enters the School of Friendship's new rehabilitation program (led by Starlight). Tirek returns to his homeland with Scorpan.

We actually get to see Grogar do something because he wasn't some new guy who happened to be the final boss without any connection to Twilight.
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Background Pony #E21C
@Smart Heart
Also I would say that complaints weren't about reformations itself as a concept, but that they were poorly written. Frenemies for a chance had a fairly good set up for a possible redemption.
Background Pony #E21C
@Background Pony #D306
There are three types of villain who cannot or don't deserve to be reformed.

I completely agree. I would switch Discord reformation with Chrysalis reformation anytime.
Background Pony #F8C1
@Smart Heart
And it was all part of Discord's true plan. He knew the fans hated seeing literally every villain in the show reforming so he decided to make three of them (four including Sombra) Irredeemable so fans would get what they want.

After the events of Daring Doubt
Hasbro: Ok, we'll kill off Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow
Background Pony #D306
even if Chrysalis was just denying everything it's still probably good that she was turned to stone. When the three villains were defeated, they could either reform or be killed, and it's pretty much all or nothing with these three, and the only way Twilight would have any chance of reforming them is if they isolated them and reformed one at a time, starting with Cozy Glow.

I remember watching the S8 finale when it was first leaked and saw Cozy imprisoned in Tartarus. I thought everyone would like it because for once a villain isn't reforming. Instead I hear shit like "SHE's JUST A CHILD!" and "WHY DIDN'T YOU REFORM HER?" Cozy Glow didn't have a backstory, and the writers never even cared to discuss her parents, so we can assume she didn't have any. Twilight wanted her killed and everyone, even Fluttershy (who said everycreature deserved kindness), celebrated her death.

There are three types of villain who cannot or don't deserve to be reformed. Villains who are pure evil (approved by the villains wiki), Amoral villains who cannot understand good and evil (such as the malwurf or the parasprites), and villains who were evil just for the sake of it (they thought it was cool). It's obvious Cozy was evil for the sake of it because she even called herself a villain and wanted to be bad, because she thought it was cool. It's not worth trying to reform these types of villains.
Background Pony #F8C1
@Background Pony #E21C
she was willing to enslave Cozy and Tirek, not work with them. She even said she would rule the triad in the song Better Way To Be Bad, and that is exactly what she did.
Background Pony #E21C
@Background Pony #6B02
No it's not, at least not with Chrysalis.

Chrysalis always seems to me like most redeemable of these three.

She never cared about her subjects

Her line: "I haven't flat that since I lost my hive. Having other for you is pleasing…" doesn't support your claim.
Background Pony #6B02
@Smart Heart
Discord's was the worst of them all. First off, there have been several instances where Discord's redemption status should have been revoked (Season 4 premiere and finale, and Season 9 finale). Second, ever since his redemption he has became nothing but an annoyance to everyone, especially Starlight in A Matter of Principals. Even if Discord got some character development, it was all ruined by the finale when he encouraged four villains to take over equestria. Discord should have been turned back to stone at the end of Season 4.