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The art belongs to Digitaldomain123. I liked that one so much that I simply had to do this edit.

Digitaldomain123, Sorry for the last time when we had a fight. When I didn't credit you :(
suggestive143311 artist:digitaldomain123750 editor:rozyfly1040 fluttershy213005 rarity182143 pegasus292999 unicorn324753 butt59274 faceful of ass1198 facesitting3351 fat ass307 female1366000 flarity1629 flutterseat255 kiss my ass647 lesbian97166 looking down8896 lucky girl95 prize on the eyes615 raridom385 rarity's personal seat fluttershy58 rearity4533 shipping200630 simple background394531 sitting63429 sitting on305 sitting on person512 sitting on pony445 smiling249401 the ass was fat13865 these aren't my glasses479 transparent background202824


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