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Ok, I know this isn’t my best art, but at least I tried, I guess. I want y'all to tell me your thoughts about this picture l…

But anyways, this picture is about rainbow dash blowing raspberries on scoots belly. I thought this would be a cute idea of rainbow dash tickling scootaloo with tummy raspberries. When they were spending some time together, rainbow dash had the urge to blow raspberries on her belly, making her laugh and squeal.

Rainbow dash: blows a raspberry

Scootaloo: laughs uncontrollably
safe1587292 artist:princessdestiny200i40 rainbow dash221001 scootaloo49084 pegasus247592 pony857368 eyes closed81462 female1219286 laughing7246 mare427301 open mouth125434 raspberry907 scootalove1614 silly7005 simple background349426 tickle torture2213 tickling4320 tummy buzz176 white background87339


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