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Here's a picture of pinkie pie blowing raspberries on applebloom's belly. This was originally supposed to be applejack blowing raspberries on her belly, but I couldn't find any vectors that could be close to what I had in mind.

So this happened when applebloom was at sugarcube corner with pinkie pie and having some fun time with her. Pinkie pie was thinking about applebloom's ticklishness and then she layed her on her back and then started to raspberry her yellow belly. Applebloom's soon squealed with laughter while pinkie continues to tickle her.

Pinkie pie: it's raspberry time! blows raspberries

Applebloom: Squeals
safe1588298 artist:princessdestiny200i40 apple bloom46861 pinkie pie204581 earth pony206442 pony860100 apple bloom's bow1105 bow24941 eyes closed81591 female1228632 filly59986 hair bow13692 laughing7251 mare427741 open mouth125659 raspberry907 simple background349857 tickle torture2219 tickling4329 tummy buzz176 white background87458


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