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Made from OG image here >>29116
safe1689470 artist:imalou478 edit130478 princess celestia94289 alicorn221233 pony951145 animated97701 baka mitai11 creepy4264 cursed image670 dame da ne11 deepfake12 faic12253 female1347395 japanese8191 looking at you165492 mare472664 meme81465 music2802 neural network1048 neural network abomination103 nightmare fuel3718 not salmon2360 singing6242 solo1052488 sound8659 wat19143 webm13002 why2555 yakuza34 yakuza 014


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we have the technology to make pictures speak and this is what we make with it.

I weep for humanity.
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I really don't need to use your method when I just merely named two. What difference would it make to name panthenons? You're taking this too seriously now. I never once named all of the dieties btw if you read what I put earlier. I only mentioned the Greek and Norse faction of the gods as a whole. Not the rest of mythological culture like Egyptian gods and such. Not each and every one of their names. Bruh, don't take my comment too seriously lol. There's a silly picture of Celestia here and one guys silly comment about gods shouldn't distract you from it.