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It’s the end of the second day of the week-long Starswirl Music Festival and Sunset Shimmer & Pinkie Pie are making their way back to the Rainbooms’ RV at the campsite, where the rest of the girls are waiting for them. The two girls have spent the entire day hanging out together, checking out the various performers and partaking in several other fun activities. However, just as they are about to approach the festival grounds exit (with Pinkie clutching onto a box of churros she bought earlier), the two girls begin to hear a rather alluring song, sung by a familiar-sounding trio of voices, coming from a small nearby stage, where a large crowd has already gathered to watch the show. Slightly curious, Pinkie and Sunset walk over to investigate and find that the audience (whom all bear the same green-colored eyes) seems to be in some kind of trance as they are all simultaneously swaying to the music in an almost mindless fashion. However, when Sunset looks up at the stage to get a good look at the singers, she is shocked to discover that the source of the music is actually the Dazzlings, who have somehow repaired their broken pendants and are using their magic to hypnotize the crowd. The fiery-haired girl attempts to pull her pink-haired friend away from the mind-controlled audience, stating that they have to inform their friends of the Dazzlings’ return, but Pinkie (who seems to be enjoying the song) stops her and suggests that they just hang around for a little bit and watch the rest of the show, adding that they can always give their friends the message later that night. Sunset initially wants to say no, but upon having another listen to the admittedly mesmerizing song that the Sirens are singing, the orange-skinned teen quickly becomes captivated and decides to go along with her friend’s suggestion, pointing out that they won’t be able to be hypnotized like everybody else because of their magic. What the duo doesn’t know, however, is that since they are not in the company of the remaining 5 Rainbooms, their magic is substantially weaker, which leaves them as susceptible to falling under the Dazzlings’ spell as everybody else…….

After several minutes of listening to their enemies’ enchanting song (which they come to admit is rather nice to listen to), Sunset & Pinkie have both fallen deep under the Dazzlings’ hypnotic spell, their eyes glowing an eerie shade of green as they begin to mindlessly sway their bodies in sync with the rest of the brainwashed crowd. The duo becomes so fixated on the Sirens’ performance that when Pinkie’s arms drop limply to her sides and her box of churros falls to the ground at her feet, neither girl does anything about it, nor do they do anything when a hungry raccoon comes up and claims the discarded snacks for his own. When the song finally comes to an end, Adagio Dazzle announces to the still-hypnotized crowd that she and her sisters will be doing another show in 10 minutes and recommends that everyone in the audience contact their friends to come join them. Upon hearing this command, the hypnotized Pinkie & Sunset both pull out their phones and immediately begin texting the other Rainbooms, telling them to come back to the festival grounds to hear the spellbinding tune of the world’s greatest singers…….
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Background Pony #0699
If the digital series continues I’d like to see the in screen version of star swirl do over and choose an ending on how sunset gets herself out of the time loop or if she stay in it forever(I’d especially love to see sunset going overboard by slurping down an extra large frozen lemonade until the next you know….well you know).
Background Pony #043C
Good nice that you're back and I hope you will make more via sent requesting messages not from me but from everyponyelse