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Strawberry Sunrise is left with a tiny Applejack at a table in the Apple Family's table. While Applejack is demanding her to turn her back to normal, Strawberry Sunrise refuses.

Applejack: "Alright, Strawberry Sunrise! You better turn me back to normal or else I'll make you the hard way!"

Strawberry Sunrise: "Why should I return you back to normal when it comes to fact that I don't like you? You can stay at the size where you are because you are annoying, Appletini."

Applejack: "Don't call me that name!"

Strawberry Sunrise: "I'm gonna call you by whatever I wanna call you, loser, so, too bad."

Applejack: "What did I just say, Strawberry Giant?!"

Strawberry Sunrise: "I'm not offended by you doing the name calling towards me at all. Everypony likes me, even my Pegasi friends. They all love my strawberries, and they definitely hate your disgusting apples…!"

Applejack: "Oh yeah? What if I told you that all my Earth pony friends love my apples, and that they don't like your disgusting strawberries?"

Strawberry Sunrise: "Well, who cares? I can't keep talking with a bug like you. I have busy things to do with my fellow Pegasi friends."

Applejack: "Friends? You have no friends."

Strawberry Sunrise: "Actually, I have a lot of friends. It's just that you never heard of it. I can get along with other ponies because they don't seem annoyed by me at all, and thus, I would be happy to give them my most delicious strawberries almost every day. They never get sick from them at all. I mean, there's no point of telling that apples never hit the bottom of the line."

Applejack: "The Apples hit the top of line!"

Strawberry Sunrise: "(sigh) I wish I could keep talking with you forever, but I have to go now. Bye bye, Appletini!" (flies off)"

Applejack: "Hey, come back here, you nasty strawberry pony! Great, she got away! I'm going to promise her that when I find somepony that can return me to normal, I will be happy to put her in her place."
safe1588706 artist:boneswolbach359 artist:estories2361 artist:parclytaxel1236 edit119799 editor:jaredking203248 vector edit2484 applejack160069 strawberry sunrise345 earth pony206581 pegasus248129 pony860438 appletini418 female1230934 mare427887 micro8341 solo focus15349 story included8120 vector71400


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