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A few weeks after the fiasco at the Friendship Games, Canterlot High School decides to hold a talent show in order to help the students wind down after all the stress endured from that incident. Most of the acts performed are ones people were expecting given the participants’ usual hobbies (such as the Rainbooms performing their latest song All Good, or Micro Chips showing off a robotic butler he just invented), but when it comes time for Trixie Lulamoon to take the stage, the white-haired illusionist announces that, rather than doing her standard magic act, she will be performing a stage hypnosis act and asks for a volunteer from the audience to come up to the stage to ‘fall under her spell’. However, given Trixie’s reputation when it comes to trying advanced tricks (plus the school’s weariness of hypnotism of any kind, given recent events), nearly everyone in the audience is hesitant to volunteer and as such, not a single person raises their hand. After about a minute of receiving no volunteers, Trixie is about to give when, much to her surprise (as well as everyone else’s), Vice-Principal Luna raises her hand and declares that she’d like to volunteer. When one student asks her why she wants to volunteer, Luna explains that she’s actually seen a few stage hypnosis shows in the past and has always wondered what it felt like to be hypnotized. Delighted at the chance to try her skills on her vice-principal, Trixie enthusiastically invites Luna to come down to the stage, to which the blue-skinned woman responds by getting up from her seat and briskly walking up to the stage. Once her volunteer is standing onstage next to her, Trixie admits that she’s never hypnotized an adult before, but with a little encouragement from Luna, she nonetheless agrees to give it her best shot. Once all that is done, Trixie pulls a gold pocket watch from her dress pocket and begins to swing it in front of Luna’s eyes, simultaneously telling her volunteer to relax and clear her mind of all thoughts……

After about 10 minutes, Trixie has successfully placed Luna into a deep hypnotic sleep. The vice-principal’s eyes are locked shut, her whole body is relaxed (allowing for a small smile to form on her face), and her mind is empty and open to all of Trixie’s suggestions and commands. Stowing the watch back in her pocket, Trixie tells the hypnotized woman that when she snaps her fingers, she will awaken from her trance thinking that she is a chicken. Once Luna agrees to this command, the white-haired teen snaps her fingers and the moment her eyes blink open, Luna begins strutting around the stage & clucking her head off, her arms folded and flapping as if they were wings. The sight of their hypnotized vice-principal acting like a chicken causes the entire audience to burst out laughing and even Principal Celestia can’t help but stifle a giggle at the sight of her younger sister behaving in such a ridiculous manner. At the same time, Trixie can’t help but feel proud of herself for her accomplishment and begins to wonder what else she can make Luna do while she’s under her hypnotic control……
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