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To celebrate the start of summer vacation and the end of another school year at Canterlot High, Rarity decides to spend a day at the beach and invites Twilight Sparkle to accompany her. After setting up their spot on the sand, the two girls seat themselves down (Rarity lounging on a beach chair while Twilight opts to lay on a white blanket) and begin talking about some of they things they learned during the past school year. During their conversation, however, Rarity mentions that she had to learn hypnosis as part of a unit in her psychology class and actually rather enjoyed it, which peaks Twilight’s interest. The purple-skinned bookworm then asks her friend if she ever actually hypnotized someone, to which Rarity replies that she’s hypnotized her sister Sweetie Belle at least twice before, though it was mostly to relieve the girl of finals-related anxieties, adding that she’s never actually hypnotized someone her own age before. However, moments after she says this, the fashionista proposes that she could try to hypnotize Twilight just for a bit of fun. Twilight agrees to this, though secretly believe that she is too strong-willed to fall under hypnosis. Getting up from her chair, Rarity pulls a gold pocket watch out of her beach bag, stands over Twilight (who is now sitting up on her towel), and begins to swing the watch in front of her friend’s eyes, telling her to relax her mind and body. After a quick 15-minute induction, Rarity has successfully placed Twilight in a blissful hypnotic trance, leaving her open to all of her commands and suggestions. Upon seeing this, the fashionista tells her subject that when she wakes up, she will believe that Rarity is a princess and that she is her obedient servant. After the hypnotized bookworm agrees to this conditioning, Rarity ceases swinging the watch (tossing it back in her bag) and snaps her fingers to awaken Twilight from her trance……

Upon snapping back to reality and looking up at her purple-haired friend, Twilight instantly jumps to her feet and apologizes to Rarity (whom she calls ‘Your Majesty’) for ‘slacking off’ and cheerfully asks how she could be of service. Pleased to see that the conditioning has stuck, Rarity tells Twilight to remove her hat and sandals, to which the purple-skinned teen responds by tossing away her cap and kicking off her sandals, leaving her in bare feet. Once that is done, Rarity then asks her hypnotized friend to go get her a salad and cherry soda from the snack shack in the beach parking lot. Giving a small curtsy, Twilight happily promises to do as her ‘princess’ commands before sprinting off to the snack shack, not seeming to care about the hot sand under her bare feet. Once her servant has left, Rarity sits back down in her chair and places her arms behind her head in relaxation, mentally noting how fun it’s going to be being treated like royalty for a day…….
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