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NOTE: I did not make this. I only edited the expressions. All credit goes to the original artist.

Little touches like Luna having slightly paler skin than Celestia are what make this pic so great. :)…..
safe1587267 artist:racoonsan498 edit119692 editor:thomasfan45246 princess celestia89839 princess luna94245 alicorn199762 between dark and dawn1525 equestria girls183050 alicorn humanization211 anime4810 armpits41367 beach13404 beautiful4896 beautisexy463 bedroom eyes53235 blushing178009 breasts245890 busty princess celestia9315 busty princess luna6215 clothes415083 cute181381 cutelestia3256 denim shorts494 duo50668 duo female7976 female1223259 hair bun2930 hawaiian shirt391 horn47743 horned humanization6418 human coloration4614 legs7267 lidded eyes27263 lunabetes3226 nail polish6980 ocean5563 palm tree1266 royal sisters3964 sand2042 sexy25332 shirt21714 shorts12527 siblings6463 sisters7502 smiling218380 stupid sexy celestia1483 stupid sexy luna83 tree28302 winged humanization8286 wings81557


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