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ES: A(pple)ffection! – Page #128
If you haven't seen the "Seeds of Darkness", a prequel of this comic, then check it out!

Spoiler: Just one more "Negative Page", before…

And… Yes.
I'm saying that, because of certain people.
safe1587008 artist:estories2358 applejack159907 oc609450 oc:silverlay768 earth pony206018 pony857130 unicorn274105 comic:a(pple)ffection143 comic101457 dialogue59630 duo50646 female1207572 floppy ears46583 horn47692 looking at each other17088 mare427161 raised hoof39447 shocked5947 show accurate11441 unamused14131 unicorn oc4302 upset1127 vector71377 worried3499


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Say this, Applejack: "So you don't want to be happy with me after all? Very well then, good luck with your lonely life. I won't give you another chance."