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./skysparkle --altcolours

This is obtained from >>2419438 by running the following sed script (or doing something with the same effect of replacing colours):
sed "s/#f9e684/#f02896/;s/#93f2ef/#f89e6e/;s/#42dced/#fccb76/;s/#18b7ea/#ffec89/;s/#198bbf/#f87f70/" "Starponys Commission 1.svg" > "Starponys Commission 1-altcolours.svg"
safe1586172 alternate version35701 artist:parclytaxel1233 oc608910 oc only408996 oc:princess skysparkle8 alicorn199511 pony856418 .svg available7605 absurd resolution63673 alicorn oc22701 celestia recolor4 commission54941 crown14549 female1192822 hoof shoes4326 horn47564 jewelry53067 mare426798 not celestia114 peytral2772 recolor4006 regalia16944 simple background349010 smiling218102 solo982295 spread wings48409 transparent background181092 vector71349 wings81292


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