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It's a request for my new friend.

I named it Special delivery
One nice day, Derpy hooves was delivering a big package across the forest, she's doing well holding the package. Suddenly a growl from her stomach erupted and it causes her to land on the ground in the forest, almost crashing and destroying the package.
DH: what's wrong my tummy? Is everything alright?
But more growls erupted, it continued to her butt and she farted on accident.
DH: oh no, oh no, I gotta poop, but where?
She looked around and she quickly found an outhouse, it's broken but the seat inside is still fine.
She moved the package next to the outhouse, took off her hat and got inside the broken outhouse, and sat on the seat.

DH: I hope this won't take long, oh dear ahh!
She began to push and a ton of diarrhea left her butt causing her to moan.
DH: oh not the diarrhea please, ohh!
She got scared and fears that diarrhea might last longer than a normal poop.
She pushed more and more diarrhea left
DH: oh no, I gotta finish quick, ahh, do I really have to deal with a delivery from my butt.
Around 10 minutes later she finally finished her diarrhea.
DH: oh yes, finally it's over, ahhh.
She relaxed from the diarrhea and feels so good she let her tongue out.
After a minute her break ends after realizing that this outhouse is old and it doesn't have any toilet paper.
DH: wait, how am I gonna wipe my bubbly butt cle- ahhh!
Small fart interrupted her panic.
DH: how much time passed? Oh dear I gotta deliver the package now.
She left the outhouse, grabbed her hat and package and flied away back to work with a dirty butt
safe1588254 artist:unknownface2426 derpy hooves48218 pegasus248003 pony860071 3d65794 broken684 but why491 female1228617 forest9054 hat77380 mailmare1028 mailmare hat172 outhouse199 package337 relaxed278 relaxed face12 solo983746 source filmmaker40069 story included8117 toilet1501 tongue out92089


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