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Newest commission list.
safe1690811 artist:sugar morning1336 oc674781 oc only443056 oc:ame23 oc:midnight aegis48 oc:peach hack31 oc:sugar morning455 oc:twitchyylive74 bat pony49035 earth pony242845 pegasus285689 pony952544 :34462 :t3757 advertisement8585 animated97797 behaving like a cat2163 biting3716 biting wing3 blushing194957 chibi14247 clothes453842 commission66851 commission info1142 commission list7 commission price list3 commission prices24 couple5312 cute197539 cute little fangs2029 cutie mark47061 ear piercing25710 earring20730 eating9505 fangs24849 female1348704 floppy ears51497 food69109 frame by frame4030 gif30541 grooming751 heart47716 herbivore850 heterochromia5330 hoof hold8229 hoofy-kicks756 horses doing horse things1247 jacket12325 jewelry62094 lettuce140 male367467 mare473355 nom3042 oc x oc15203 ocbetes5049 on side6646 onomatopoeia4101 piercing40365 pink background2901 preening1028 reference sheet12331 salad366 shipping198107 shirt24439 simple background388091 sitting62377 solo1053489 spread wings53828 stallion106717 straight134766 text58741 weapons-grade cute3660 wings104127


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@Counter UAV
Artists' time is worth even more than this, honestly. I've seen furry artists ask $60 and up for a black and white and get it. You figure at least $10/hour for good quality work and if it takes an artist 3 hours, you're already up to 30 bucks. Younger artists often undercharge because they want to build a base of fans rather than alienate everyone by charging high prices.