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500 years after the banishment of Nightmare Moon and 500 hundreds year before he met the mane 6 he formed group called the Cen-arches on his quest to save equestria and the world from the tyranny of the Legion of Darkness in time known as Dark world war. He and his group helped aid Celestia's army in the battle for all of Equestria.

Sagittarius in the middle, Aurora Sky next to Sagittarius’s leg, Work Strong on the bottom left, Fool Dancer on the top left, Mana Caster on the right, Elegense on the middle right, Swift Storm on the high left, Tao-Chun on the top right

List of Cen-Arches

Sagittarius the Centaurun of valor and war
For having suffering for the loss of his parents, he trained hard for years from a certain Centaurun named Dekou and a eight-legged legendary warrior named Sleiphnir who helped him get stronger to fight the Lords of Darkness, but in order to defeat them he would need the help of his friends to form a group known as the Cen-Arches.

Aurora Sky the Kind Healer
Her helpful ability allows her to communicate to animals connect the aurora lights in the sky and emotional heal ponies from the dark times of the dark wars.

Work Strong The Honesst Strong One
He’s an Honest and strong pony who’s always there to help out his friends and a hard worker to helping ponies out.

Fool Dancer the Laughter
His hopeful laughter brings the best in ponies bringing sadness to happiness from his humor of Comedy.

Mana Caster the Sorceress
As being the practitioner of magic and being Skillful with her spells she is the most reliable member of the group to helping out her friends.

Swift Storm The Brave and Loyal
As being the royal guard captain to Princess Celestia’s army against the legions of darkness, but for being helped by Sagittarius he joined his group to off the Legions in the sky.

Elegance the Generous and Beautiful Thief
For Being a thief for years of stealing and never been caught, Sagittarius shared his generousity with her in a tough situation against a band of thieves. She joined Sagittarius’s group to her skills of stealth to good use.

Tao-Chun the honorable warrior of Justice
In order to saving his kin from the legion of darkness he goes on a quest to fight them off do to him of being the master of martial arts from his home country by his masters, but when he came across Sagittarius he swore of Volvo to help him and his friends on their journey to saving the world.
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