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After hearing that NeonGoThic’s fat girls have recently been through he events of Rollercoaster of Friendship, I feel like recreating what the girls went through in that special with a few extra pounds.

“Hey girls, what was Equestria Land like? Did you anything interesting over there?”

Sunset: You mean other than “save-the-day” things? Hmm… me and Twilight won a stuffed parakeet!

Twilight: After giving away all our tickets…
suggestive129469 artist:jamesawilliams1996187 edit119391 edited screencap57161 screencap205871 flam2006 flim2122 sci-twi21776 sunset shimmer57405 twilight sparkle283466 bird6945 parakeet61 equestria girls182599 equestria girls series29160 rollercoaster of friendship2236 bbw3942 belly24989 belly button68698 big belly8927 big breasts70936 breasts245116 chubby12742 chubby cheeks3205 chubby twilight139 double chin1490 fat20133 flim flam brothers1172 huge belly2175 huge breasts33137 morbidly obese7021 obese10433 plushie22117 sci-twilard67 slobset shimmer201 ssbbw1511 tickets86 twilard sparkle1206 whistling235


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