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Commission by JadenKaiba
suggestive164947 artist:jadenkaiba86 king sombra15270 princess cadance35711 princess celestia102261 princess luna106449 twilight sparkle324452 human185911 a better ending for sombra19 absolute cleavage4444 ahegao28416 armor26424 belly dancer979 big breasts99461 breast squish2105 breasts323696 busty princess cadance3685 busty princess celestia11671 busty princess luna8110 busty twilight sparkle13848 cleavage39162 drool28589 female1535214 femsub12445 hanging breasts1424 harem1017 harem outfit373 humanized107114 it's good to be the king28 king sombra gets all the mares57 light skin4860 lunasub390 male434729 maledom6464 milf11136 mind control3949 open mouth183214 slave leia outfit150 subdance292 sublestia1031 submissive20494 sword12995 throne3562 tongue out121629 twisub1021 weapon34893


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Horrible(for my tastes at least) but really funny, since Sombra has know nothing but defeat in the show hahahaXD
I totally belive him imagining stuff like this~
Yeah its so funny to see sombra looking cool and badass and be a huge chick magnet in fanart and then in canon he’s like zephyr breeze if he just happened to have a bit of power.