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Scarfyace: Bimbo'd up Fluttershy, I think this one came out pretty hot.

Bimbo Applejack: >>2422176

Bimbo Rainbow Dash: >>2424318

Bimbo Pinkie Pie: >>2425824

Bimbo Twilight Sparkle: >>2426550

Bimbo Rarity: >>2427331
suggestive148410 artist:scarfyace112 fluttershy217246 human158943 alternate hairstyle29075 areola19073 ass50899 before and after233 big breasts86015 big lips783 bimbo4636 bimboification1009 bimboshy239 blushing204644 bracelet10010 breast expansion3518 breasts288704 busty fluttershy17915 butt65903 butt expansion1218 clothes475981 crocs36 curvy6932 dark skin4788 dick sucking lips143 erect nipples11441 expansion896 fake breasts98 female1401837 gravity-defying breasts829 growth5945 high heels11777 hips2768 horny1179 huge breasts40016 humanized101913 implants89 impossibly large breasts17369 jewelry68208 large butt18011 leggings2158 legs8829 lips1219 lipstick11642 long nails543 looking at you175691 magic75387 makeup22813 moderate dark skin771 nails401 nipple outline7869 panties51500 pants15315 pink eyes765 ponytail18765 raised leg8079 sexy30697 shoes38737 slut985 sluttershy1091 solo1094361 solo female183678 spherical breasts190 standing12887 stupid sexy fluttershy1116 sugar baby2 sweater14921 sweatershy3208 talking6143 talking to viewer2932 text62180 thicc ass1350 thick4584 thighs15061 thong6213 thunder thighs9013 tight clothing2656 transformation11324 transforming clothes119 underboob4070 underwear62505 unsound effect103 whore249


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This is bat country!
I really don't like crocs. They may be comfortable to some, but they're just gross to me.

That being said, non-bimbo fluttershy is more attractive.

Hey, you're the one who implied I can only call out bad takes if I'm physically involved in the issue.

You want to simp for people who leave useless and entitled comments. Fine, that's on you, and site permits it. Just don't be a baby when others call you out for it.
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No it's not lol. Like, where do I even start with this, do you have implants? No? Then he's not being jerk to anyone, especially since he didn't say anything bad about the art or the artist so stop being offended for someone else and telling people off for it. And back them up? Yeah, that's a weird way to say that I took part in a discussion, and for some reason you're trying to make it sound like that's a bad thing. People will leave comments in the comment section.
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@Background Pony #8ACF
Well he has to look at it first to learn that he doesn't like it, doesn't he? By that logic you could say "if the artist doesn't like the comment he shouldn't have read it" or something silly like that. And unless the artist is really into implants I don't think somebody saying how much they dislike implants should affect them.
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Background Pony #8ACF
You know you can just like, not look, right? Do you not realise how hurtful it might be for the artist to read that?
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They may be fake, but I sure as hell would still motorboat the hell out of them titties <3

Also her long bimbo ponytail is super sexy!
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