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Scarfyace: Woof, I finished up the Twilight Sparkle one. I'm not big on the brain drain stuff, but I felt this really needed it.

Bimbo Applejack: >>2422176

Bimbo Rainbow Dash: >>2424318

Bimbo Fluttershy: >>2425035

Bimbo Pinkie Pie: >>2425824

Bimbo Rarity: >>2427331
suggestive148412 artist:scarfyace112 twilight sparkle306097 human158945 alternate hairstyle29075 areola19073 ass50900 before and after233 big breasts86016 big lips783 bimbo4637 bimbo sparkle456 bimboification1009 blushing204645 book34503 brain drain51 breast expansion3518 breasts288708 busty twilight sparkle12452 butt65909 butt expansion1218 cleavage35643 clothes475984 curvy6932 dark skin4788 dick sucking lips143 dress46071 erect nipples11441 expansion896 female1401855 fetish41703 finger in mouth675 glass4808 grown16 grown ups11 growth5945 hair growth75 hairclip1138 happy32184 heart50035 high heels11777 hips2768 horny1179 huge breasts40017 huge butt10325 humanized101914 impossibly large breasts17370 impossibly large hips100 intelligence15 intelligence loss29 jeans4338 large butt18013 leg warmers2574 leggings2158 legs8830 lip bite12035 lips1219 lipstick11642 long hair4454 long nails543 looking away3865 magic75387 makeup22813 microskirt367 midriff19843 moderate dark skin771 nails401 necktie7585 nipple outline7869 panties51500 pants15316 pigtails4944 pink eyes765 platform heels547 ponytail18765 rack35 reading6425 reading a book6 school uniform7441 schoolgirl1910 sexy30697 shirt26178 shoes38738 skirt41088 slut985 socks68565 solo1094360 solo female183678 standing12887 stupid sexy twilight1035 talking6143 talking to herself122 talking to viewer2932 text62181 thicc ass1350 thick4584 thigh highs38184 thighs15061 thong6213 thunder thighs9013 tight clothing2656 transformation11324 transforming clothes119 twintails1755 underwear62505 unsound effect103 whore249 wide hips18264


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All that's left is to see is if Rarity likes to bimbofy herself.
Unless Rarity is also bimbofying Celestia, Luna, Tempest, Chrysalis, the Shadow Bolts, the Dazzlings, the CMC, and/or perhaps some male characters that get genderbent by bimbofication.
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Background Pony #2F06
"Grown woman wearing a school uniform for fetish reasons" really takes the unsound effects to a new level.
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