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Scarfyace: There I finally made rarity. This went through so many changes before I finally decided on a fission tf splitting her into a dommy version and subby version, while also bimbofying her of course. Now I return to the shoebox of which I sleep in.

Bimbo Applejack: >>2422176

Bimbo Rainbow Dash: >>2424318

Bimbo Fluttershy: >>2425035

Bimbo Pinkie Pie: >>2425824

Bimbo Twilight Sparkle: >>2426550
questionable111838 artist:scarfyace112 rarity185585 human158950 alternate hairstyle29076 areola19075 ass50902 bags under eyes2070 before and after233 belly button81258 big breasts86018 big lips785 bimbo4639 bimbo rarity163 bimboification1009 blue eyes5730 blue lipstick319 blushing204646 breast expansion3518 breasts288701 busty rarity13387 butt65912 butt expansion1218 choker12923 cleavage35643 clone2843 clothes475979 collar34541 colored sclera699 cuffs (clothes)1239 curvy6932 dark side121 dark skin4790 dick sucking lips143 dress46069 duality4375 ear piercing27790 erect nipples11441 exhausted496 expansion896 eyebrows6447 eyelashes12322 eyeliner1070 eyeshadow16566 fake breasts98 fake horns79 female1401848 femsub11037 fetish41703 glasses64589 gloves20956 growth5945 hair growth75 hairclip1138 happy32183 high heels11779 hips2768 horny1179 huge breasts40019 huge butt10325 humanized101917 imminent selfcest18 imminent sex7374 implants89 jewelry68211 kiss mark1155 lactation6002 large butt18016 latex12345 leg warmers2573 leggings2157 legs8830 light side7 lips1219 lipstick11642 magic75388 magic mirror538 makeup22813 messy hair1008 midriff19843 milk4808 mirror5439 moderate dark skin771 nails401 necktie7585 nipple outline7869 nipples175397 nudity382312 panties51499 pet tag1798 piercing43104 pink eyes765 plastic72 platform heels549 ponytail18767 purple eyes2596 purple lipstick324 queen661 rack35 raricow762 raridom392 rarisub512 see-through5336 self love8 self paradox1364 sexy30697 shadow4347 shirt26178 shoes38740 simple background409120 skirt41088 slut985 socks68561 solo1094353 solo female183675 standing12887 stupid sexy rarity1290 submissive17138 talking6143 talking to herself122 talking to viewer2932 text62182 thicc ass1350 thick4584 thigh highs38179 thighs15062 thong6213 thunder thighs9015 tight clothing2657 toenails625 toes6641 transformation11324 transforming clothes119 underwear62504 unsound effect103 whore248 wide hips18264


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Joseph Raszagal
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Emily Brickenbrackle III
I'd kind of like a bonus ending to this little series, like Celestia and Luna trying to help and getting bimbo'd in turn for their efforts.

Good stuff regardless. Nice work, Scaryface.