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suggestive167803 artist:tzc508 applejack184850 human189463 absolute cleavage4518 alcohol8541 alternate hairstyle32475 anime6466 applejewel701 beautiful6584 big breasts101987 black dress561 blushing231293 braless1296 breasts329932 busty applejack12103 classy305 cleavage39711 clothes540856 dress51966 drunk5432 drunk aj345 ear piercing34061 eyebrows13800 eyebrows visible through hair7217 female1556516 female focus8046 freckles34856 hanging breasts1473 huge breasts47198 humanized108007 jewelry86175 little black dress272 long nails698 looking at you207701 martini334 martini glass94 necklace24865 necktie8714 offscreen character42004 piercing51339 seductive2874 solo focus20958 stupid sexy applejack874 wrong eye color1114


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vacant expression
The idea of Applejack getting loose when she drinks never occurred to me. She’s usually so pure.  
I actually find it kinda funny.
Background Pony #B7EC
She can handle any Champagne brunch  
Bridal shower with Barcadi punch  
Jello shooters full of Smirnoff  
But tequila makes her clothes fall off
Background Pony #4A00
Applejack: Time to celebrate Filthy Rich.
Applejack looks so sexy in that dress 😍