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safe1949637 artist:liaaqila1232 apple bloom55912 rarity201495 scootaloo55193 sweetie belle53070 earth pony352287 pegasus396683 pony1299811 unicorn435821 apple bloom's bow2483 bow36877 clothes551183 commission94643 cowboy hat21488 cutie mark crusaders20757 fanfic art16723 female1582669 filly83199 flying46589 hair bow20826 hat106797 jeans5288 mare605958 necktie8941 open mouth193805 pants18473 police1382 police officer897 police uniform635 raised hoof58749 raricop20 scootaloo can fly822 sheriff226 shirt31819 simple background492040 traditional art130275 white background127224


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Just Raricop checking in on the CMC, making sure they’re not committing any crimes against fashion.