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Just because “the bad year” is over doesn’t mean the bad times are over.
like seriously in britland cases are at an all-time fucking high please take care of yourself and your family, i love you and want you to be safe
alt source
safe1754413 artist:moonatik872 oc713589 oc only466311 oc:porona46 oc:social distance9 bat pony52348 pony1014012 unicorn343832 2020440 2021528 bad advice36 bad influence19 bat pony oc18966 bat wings10094 coronavirus835 cute206148 duo65025 duo female12020 eeee548 eyes closed98497 face mask646 fangs26779 female1405163 floppy ears54737 frown23634 hair bun3519 horn78240 levitation12603 looking at you176269 magic75559 mare503784 mask7106 op has a point165 op is right72 open mouth155195 public service announcement228 reality sucks37 sad truth10 scared10787 shrunken pupils3404 simple background410396 smiling262257 spray bottle88 spread wings57275 telekinesis28809 truth1004 unicorn oc11084 vulgar description151 white background102827 wide eyes17432 wings123787


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Say goodbye to Blind Optimism (the rona’s advice), humanity!  
Welcome, Defensive Pessimism (social distance)!
Yes! Good riddance! I despite this cerebration!
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Complete fool for pegas
I’m reading it because I appreciate the details an artist goes to. ^^  
and my reading material while in the bathroom is whatever I can find in the cabinets… >_>