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“2021 Derpibooru OCs by Chopsticks”
I initially didn’t expect to do this many OCs, but I couldn’t stop myself from offering to help. I’ll be uploading a different version that spreads out the characters so you can see the fullness of their detail side-by-side more properly, but for the Collab itself, they’re getting in close to give Joey more less to work with.
All the characters have their own expressions, their own fluffiness, height, mood, and body shape with their own stories to tell. No flat, copied, factory-made stamps with soft smiles.
Links to stand-alone images are provided below:
Verglas Frost  
Brisk Bronco

Faded Page
Cookie Cutter
Sassy Lost
Vermont Black
Arctic Mist
Only 1 of these (Cookie Cutter) belong to me in accordance to the rules of max 2 OCs per person; the rest belong to others. My personal OC is in a separate image flying in the sky.
safe1947281 artist:chopsticks665 derpibooru exclusive33860 oc823832 oc only606118 oc:arctic mist7 oc:brisk bronco7 oc:cookie cutter69 oc:faded page5 oc:sassy lost20 oc:speed14 oc:verglas frost10 oc:vermont black81 earth pony351274 kirin12144 pegasus395553 pony1297099 unicorn434493 2021 community collab955 derpibooru community collaboration4799 bipedal43148 bipedal leaning2258 book38799 cheek fluff7694 chest fluff52016 clothes550099 diverse body types149 ear fluff40560 female1580392 filly83072 floppy ears63523 foal27768 glasses76048 heterochromia7268 kirin oc2518 leaning4443 looking at you212563 magic85220 male451071 mare604690 minecraft block26 pickaxe685 scarf27836 shivering2313 simple background490974 snow16658 stallion145837 teenager5872 telekinesis33526 transparent background243368 unshorn fetlocks35023


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