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safe1897431 artist:bunchedupletters28 artist:elisdoominika318 color edit8205 edit149963 fluttershy231278 pinkie pie232845 earth pony329558 pegasus372960 pony1245066 ara ara83 ball4757 beanbrows696 bedroom eyes68734 bubblegum1404 buckball388 buckball uniform127 clothes532500 colored21365 colored lineart105 condescending31 duo96820 eyebrows12897 female1534578 flutterbitch597 food82339 gum1256 high res78471 hoofball66 intimidating187 lidded eyes36272 looking at you203111 mare576942 misandry68 mocking254 out of character1088 reversed gender roles equestria138 sexism82 shorts16360 speech bubble28903 sports shorts1372


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Just Wayne
Elements of Harmony - Had an OC in the 2022 Community Collab

Would never expect these two to act like the stereotypical jock/popular girl, especially Fluttershy. All the buckball games really have changed them.
Background Pony #1325
A mate shot me your color edit of these two sassy lassies and I just wanted to say that I think you did a fantastic job! Comfy and vibrant yet ominous! Watch out for a dragon either tomorrow or the day after that.
Non-Fungible Trixie -
Notoriously Divine Tagger - Consistently uploads images above and beyond the minimum tag requirements. And/or additionally, bringing over the original description from the source if the image has one. Does NOT apply to the uploader adding several to a dozen tags after originally uploading with minimum to bare tagging.

They’re just playing hard to get. They do want the lucky colt. But they want to tease you before they can get to “scoring”. They learned well from Rarity not to rush seduction.