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A commission that features the five Shadowbolts in a the clutches of a curious Sci-Twi and a playful Sunset Shimmer keeping some very mild revenge. :3
suggestive167727 artist:caroo869 indigo zap2710 lemon zest3400 sci-twi28178 sour sweet3655 sugarcoat3601 sunny flare2937 sunset shimmer70822 twilight sparkle327070 equestria girls228370 barefoot31751 big feet309 blushing231259 bondage39526 breasts329825 crying49169 cute228648 dominatrix2568 domset94 emanata782 exclamation point4711 feet47223 female1556303 femdom9197 femsub12623 fetish47338 floating heart4342 foot fetish9409 foot focus3536 head shake260 heart58396 indigosub29 laughing9382 lemonsub zest14 lip bite13337 looking at you207665 nervous sweat158 open mouth187907 open smile13213 reaction image9936 shadow five674 shadowbolts1865 skull and crossbones104 smiling315940 soles5505 soursub11 stocks1405 subflare11 submissive20749 sugarcute205 sugarsub23 sweat32163 sweatdrops1406 tears of laughter1035 tickle fetish2012 tickle torture2810 tickling5280 tickling machine241 twidom1184


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Background Pony #0AC1
I hope you can do Juniper Montage in the future, caroo.
Because i really love this.
Posted Report
Background Pony #B71D
They should tickle Indigo Zap more for not letting her appear in Dance Magic.