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ShadowBoltSFM made these amazing Butterfly High Heels from this picture by pia-sama, so of course I had to replicate it in Blender.

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suggestive143311 artist:hunterz263146 fluttershy213005 anthro260818 plantigrade anthro32778 3d76510 5k26 blender6626 blushing198173 bra15939 breasts278392 busty fluttershy17283 cleavage34656 clothes460752 curtains1953 cute200293 feet40007 female1366001 high heels11262 lingerie10518 looking at you169171 nexgen867 nipples167621 not sfm1250 nudity370793 open-toed shoes260 panties50312 see-through5151 shoes36860 shyabetes13861 solo1066345 solo female180090 toes6341 underwear60939 wallpaper18638 wallpaper for the fearless1755


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