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dead source45350 safe2153054 artist:pettypop96 sunset shimmer78377 human240568 equestria girls253144 g42006129 bed56695 bedroom16445 book42937 cellphone7872 clothes625091 female1779660 food99882 hair bun5237 hairy legs91 lying down44556 on back33502 on bed7798 phone12240 pillow25121 pizza2722 plushie30683 reading8010 relaxing2081 scrunchie579 shirt39476 shorts19292 shoulderless514 slippers1315 solo1408784 sunset's apartment506


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@Background Pony #387B  
I’m wondering the same thing. Given all of the hearts in the image, it’s clear that there’s something romantic going on, so if the artist was a big SciTwiShimmer fan, I could understand the tagger assuming it’s Twilight she’s texting, but going by the artist’s other works, they ship FlashShimmer and TimberTwi.