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Alum gave her name Aphrodite and I immediately thought about something soft and romantic :D  
A little quick doodle of revealed (?) pony https://t.co/MQP1LiIF0T
questionable112009 artist:helemaranth365 pipp petals2398 pegasus310694 anthro270272 unguligrade anthro50356 g58308 artistic nudity746 belly button81587 breasts289534 busty pipp petals21 clothes477309 female1405592 flower26784 nipples175940 nudity383373 rose4018 see-through5377 solo1097221 solo female184006 wings123886


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Background Pony #7AD5
Collecting data on what kinds of art happened first  
Pleasently Surprised to see pipp’s first lewd was tasteful
Background Pony #F6C8
G5 characters revealed, check.  
G5 Fanart made, check.  
G5 Lewd made, check.  
G5 Anthro made, check.
This fandom’s still got it.